Dispensing Equipment

Dispensing Equipment

Loctite ® Integrated Dispensing Systems are designed to offer the total package for fluid delivery. Every time you use a Loctite ® adhesive product, these systems are ready for immediate operation and offer the manufacturing flexibility and reliability you're looking for.

Selection of a Loctite ® Integrated Dispensing System is based on the product being used, package size and process requirements.


Peristaltic and Pump (98414)
Mounts easily onto any Loctite® 50ml bottle, converting the bottle into a portable dispenser. Comes with a stand to stabilise the 50ml bottle.

Peristaltic and Pump (97001)
This hand-held applicator is a low-cost, precision bottle top applicator that mounts easily onto the top of any Loctite® 250 ml bottle.

Semi-Automatic Controllers (97008/97009)
Fully integrated semi-automatic adhesive dispensing systems.

Pinch Valve Applicator (97121)
A pinch-valve with a pneumatic actuator for use with Loctite® 97008 and 97009.

Dual Cartridge Dispenser 50 ml & 200 ml (96001 & 96003)
Automatically mix Loctite® structural adhesives in their correct proportions. Application is done without waste, in quantities determined by production needs.

UV Wand System DC (97033)
High intensity spot curing system designed to emit UVA and visible light (blue light) for extremely fast curing. Ideal for high-volume production and short cycle times.

UVALOC Flood System (97035)
A high intensity, bench top modular light cure system. It is equipped with a 1000W metal halide lamp. Designed to emit UVA and visible light.

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