Flexible Sealing & Bonding

Flexible Sealing & Bonding

• Withstand impact shock and bending

• Resist thermal expansion and contraction as well as vibration

• Good gap fill

• Wide temperature range

• Good weathering resistance


Product Description Application Technical Data
Loctite® 5145 MS Polymer Adhesive/Sealant A high viscosity elastic adhesive sealant based on silane-modified (MS) polymers, which cure by reaction with moisture TDS
Loctite® 5145 Non-Corrosive RTV Silicone Specifically formulated for bonding, sealing, and coating of electronic devices, especially for military automotive and industrial electronic. TDS
Loctite® 5226 Flexible Adhesive Adheres well to painted substrates, metals and plastics, and do not require a primer TDS
Loctite® 5366 RTV Silicone Permanently flexible adhesive sealant for bonding and sealing of substrates and parts subjected to constant vibration and thermal expansion and contraction TDS
Loctite® 5367 RTV Silicone Specifically designed for use as a bonding agent to ensure perfect sealing, as well as bonding and protection TDS
Loctite® 5368 RTV Silicone Used for sealing applications, but also for bonding and for high temperature protection TDS
Loctite® 5398 RTV Silicone Recommended for sealing heat exchangers steam circuits, water heaters, ovens and in equipment such as turbines, pumps and couplings. TDS
Loctite® 5399 RTV Silicone High temperature resistant, permanently flexible adhesive sealant. TDS
Loctite® 5610
Two-Part Fast Curing Silicone Excellent hot strength up to 180°C with the capability to resist higher temperatures for short-term exposure TDS

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