Pipe & Thread Sealing

Pipe & Thread Sealing

Sealing of threaded components

• Provide an instant, low pressure seal for all types of pipe connections

• Will not creep, shrink or block systems (including filters) by shredding

• Disassembly can be achieved easily with normal tools

• Replace all tapes and hemp/paste combination

Product Description Application Technical Data
Loctite® 5004 Solvent Based Adhesive A special solvent based adhesive for bonding uPVC pipes TDS
Loctite® 5331 Thread Sealant Recommended for plastic threads, metal-to-metal and plastic-to-metal substrate combinations TDS
Loctite® 542 Pneumatic/Hydraulic Thread Sealant Thread sealant for fine metal threaded fittings as used in hydraulic and pneumatic installations, and small fitting in general. TDS
Loctite® 55 Pipe Sealing Cord For sealing metal and plastic threads, particularly for heating systems and sanitary plumbing applications TDS
Loctite® 561 Pipe Sealant Stick A single component, semi-solid anaerobic pipe sealant compound. TDS
Loctite® 572 Medium Strength Thread Sealant Recommended for all coarse metal threads where slow cure of thread sealant is required TDS
Loctite® 577 Medium Strength Thread Sealant Medium strength pipe sealant for metal threads TDS
Loctite® 586 Medium Strength Thread Sealant For sealing threads against water, oil and most common organic materials TDS

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