Structural Bonding

Structural Bonding

• Bonds a wide variety of materials such as wood, metals,
  hard plastics and glass

• Provide a tough and resilient joint

• Has a high shear and peel strength

Product Description Application Technical Data
Loctite® 3030 Two Part Polyolefin Bonder Bonds low energy substrates such as low and high density polyethylene and polypropylene. TDS
Loctite® 319 Structural Adhesive For bonding materials such as metals, glass, ceramics and plastics TDS
Loctite® 330 Adhesive Toughened adhesive. Fast curing, good impact resistance. TDS
Loctite® 3421 2K General Purpose Epoxy Ideal for bonding metals, plastics and most other surfaces which will be subjected to high humidity environments TDS
Loctite® 3425 Two-Part Epoxy Adhesive A two component, high viscosity, thixotropic epoxy adhesive which cures at room temperature after mixing TDS
Loctite® 3430 2K 5-Minute Epoxy Ultra clear, toughened, water resistant. TDS
Loctite® 3450 2K 5-Minute Epoxy Grindable, high strength TDS
Loctite® 7388 Aerosol Grade Multibond Activator Primer with volatile solvents, heptane/acetone replacing trichloroethane suitable for aerosol packs only. TDS
Loctite® 7649 Primer N For use where increased cure speed of Loctite® anaerobic products is required TDS
Loctite® 9466 2K Toughened Epoxy Extended working life, high strength, toughened TDS
Loctite® 9492 2K High Temperature Epoxy Excellent chemical resistance, high temperature resistant. TDS

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