Product Application Size Technical
Belt Dressing Spray Colourless, non toxic, tacky belt maintenance lubricant that prolongs the life of worn and glazed belts and prevents slipping. Use on all types of drive and conveyor belts, including “V” and flat belting. NSF H1 Registered  300ml TDS
Dry PTFE Spray Non-staining dry PTFE lubricant which gives a low friction non-toxic, non stick surface and reduces static. NSF H1 Registered  400ml TDS
Electra Clean Spray Ideal for electrical and electronic fine parts. Cleans and degreases delicate mechanisms. Removes light greases, oils, dirt and organic soils. Quick evaporation. Safe to use on most surfaces. Non conductive. Fast penetration. Superior wetting action. No rinsing and no residue. NSF K2 Registered  300ml TDS
Foam Cleaner Spray Foaming action - pleasant and economical to use. Ideal for all non-porous surfaces. NSF A1 Registered  400ml TDS
Heavy Duty Cleaner Lifts grease and grime so that the resulting residue can be easily removed


Industrial Cleaner Rapid Dry Multi purpose cleaner. Fast evaporation. Safe on metals, most plastics and paints  300ml TDS
Precision Silicone Spray
Non toxic colourless silicone fluid that provides a light lubricating film with wide temperature stability and good electrical resistance. NSF H1 Registered  400ml TDS
Remover & Degreaser
Heavy duty, multi-purpose degreaser designed to remove grease, oil, adhesives, labels and general workshop grime rapidly from a range of surfaces.  300ml TDS
Rocol WD Spray
Water Displacing Spray. Multi purpose spray rapidly displaces moisture leaving a protective film.  300ml TDS
Sapphire® Precision Silicone Spray
Ultra high performance universal maintenance lubricant fortified with PTFE designed to penetrate effectively and provide excellent lubrication and protection in the widest range of applications.  400ml TDS
Sapphire® Spray Grease
Aerosol applied multi-functional grease for ease of application and convenience.  400ml TDS
Scrubs Waterless hand cleaning wipes. Designed to remove the heaviest dirt. Pack of 15 wipes
Tub of 72 wipes





Ambersil Maintenance

Product Application Size Technical Data
40+ Protective lubricant 100ml

Acrylic Conformal Coating

Clear acrylic protective film 400ml TDS
AGL 1 Greaseless lubricant 400ml TDS
Alu Hi-Temp High temperature corrosion protection 400ml TDS
Amberglide PTFE Lubricant 400ml TDS
AMS4 Multipurpose silicone grease 400ml TDS
Aviation Fluid 3 Aeroshell 3 aviation light lubricant 300ml TDS
Belt Dressing Adhesive belt lubricant 400ml TDS
Bright, Cold Galvanized Zinc-rich bright protective coating 400ml TDS
Chain Lube FG NSF registered chain & drive lubricant 400ml TDS
Chainspray Chain and drive lubricant 400ml TDS
Cold, Galvanized Spray Zinc-rich protective coating 400ml TDS
Copper Anti-Seize Paste High temperature anti-seize 400ml TDS
Corrosion Inhibitor Long-term anti-corrosion treatment 400ml
Dry Film Anti-Stick Dry PTFE lubricant 400ml TDS
Dry Moly Dry MOS2 Lubricant 400ml TDS
FLT Chainlube Mechanical handling chain lubricant 500ml TDS
Galva Shine Aesthetic galvanising coating 400ml TDS
Gear & Wire Rope
Heavy duty lubricant 400ml TDS
Greasil 4000 Pure silicone grease 100ml  
Greasomatic Self contained automatic lubricator 120ml  
Inox 200 Protective coating for stainless steel 400ml TDS
Machine Oil FG NSF registered heavy duty lubricant 400ml TDS
Multi-Lube Multi-purpose lubricant 500ml TDS
Penetrating Oil Penetrant for seized parts 400ml TDS
PX24 Industrial strength protective lubricant 400ml TDS
Rust Flash Rust loosener with freeze shock 500ml TDS
Silicone Anti-Stick Concentrated silicone lubricant 400ml TDS
Silicone FG NSF registered silicone lubricant 400ml TDS
Silicone Lubricant General purpose silicone lubricants 500ml TDS
SV 100 Electric spray varnish 400ml  
Zinc Primer Multi-purpose metal primer 400ml TDS
ZR99 High temperature zinc corrosion protection 400ml  


Fuchs Lubritech (Lubeserv)

Fuchs Lubritech maintenance and aerosols


For Technical Data Sheets please go to our 'Download' section for PDF versions

Product Application Size
Alutemp Aluminium anti-seize thread compound 400ml
Anti Scuff Anti scuffing paste 500g

Weld spatter release


Aquagraf B

Graphite dispersion in water 20kg
Assembly Spray Assembly compound with MoS2 400ml
Bakery Chain Lube Bakery chain lube 5Ltr
Belt Grip Belt dressing 400ml
Chain Guard Synthetic chain oil 5Ltr
Chainlife General purpose chain lubricant 400ml
Chainlife S Hi temp synthetic chain oil 4kg

Chainlife SM

Hi temp synthetic chain oil with moly 4kg
Coppertemp Anti-seize thread compound 400ml 500g
Crackseeker Cleaner NDT crack detection range 400ml
Crackseeker Developer NDT crack detection range 400ml
Crackseeker Penetrant NDT crack detection range 400ml
DWP Fluid Dewatering 400ml
Easi Glide Lube Plus PTFE dry film lubricant 400ml
Easi Mesh Open gear compound 400ml
Easyease Penetrating fluid 400ml
Fork Lift Spray Hoist chain lubricant 400ml
Galvo Spray Cold galvanising 400ml
GRA 30 Graphite dispersion in water hi temp oven chain fluid 5kg
Moly-ITC-Bond Dry film lubricant 250g


Hi temp oven chain lubricant

P.B.C. Anti-seize compound 100g


Anti-seize compound 100g
PA 1990G Chain oil 5Ltr
Penoil 2000 Penetrating oil 400ml
Primalife Dry film lubricant 400ml
Rope Lube Plus Wire rope dressing 400ml
Rust Guard Rust preventative 400ml
Silicone Lube Plus Mould release coating 400ml



Loctite Oils & Dry Film

Product Description Application Technical Data
Loctite® 7200 Gasket Remover Removes baked on gasket and sealant residues TDS
Loctite® 8016 Moly Dry Film Lubricant A molybdenum disulfide based solid film heavy duty lubricant TDS
Loctite® 8017 Moly Dry Film Lubricant A molybdenum disulfide based solid film heavy duty lubricant TDS
Loctite® 8018 Solvo Rust

Releases seized and corroded parts

Loctite® 8021 Silicone Oil Spray General purpose, low viscosity silicone oil used for lubricating metal and non-metal surfaces TDS
Loctite® 8030 Cutting Oil A multi-purpose cutting oil used to facilitate machining operations TDS
Loctite® 8031 Cutting Oil Spray A multi-purpose cutting oil used to facilitate machining operations TDS
Loctite® 8040 Solvo Rust Ice Spray A special mineral oil formulation to free rusted, corroded and seized parts TDS
Loctite® 8191 Anti_friction Coating Spray A molybdenum disulfide bonded coasting at room temperature TDS
Loctite® 8192 PTFE Coating Spray Forms a dry bonded coating at room temperature that creates ideal sliding surfaces for free movements on non-metal surfaces such as wood, plastic, elastomers and ceramics as well as metals TDS
Loctite® 8201 Five Way Spray General purpose penetrating lubricant TDS


New Tech Lubes

New Tech Lubes Maintenance Products

Product Application Size Technical Data
Aqua G Particle size graphite dispersion in water, giving a smooth dry lubricating film where a parting medium is required.    TDS
Dry Graf Dry coating, graphite lubricant eliminating oil lubrication problems in dirty/dusty environments 400ml  TDS
Galv-Tech Cold galvanising spray. Provides a corrosion free primer for paint or as a coating on its own. Abrasion and chip resistant to leave a surface ready for welding without removal. 400ml  TDS
Link-Tech General purpose, heavy duty chain lubricant which penetrates deep into the application. Can also be used on slides, pivots and gears. 400ml  TDS
Pen-Tech Fast-acting, penetrating and de-watering lubricant for the effective release of all corroded components. 400m 5ltr 25ltr  TDS
Rust Shield Thin film, anti-rust coating which can be applied to wet surface to displace water. Dry film does not attract dust or debris and is safer than most coatings because of its low toxicity. 500ml 5ltr 25ltr TDS
Sure Slide Dry coating, PTFE lubricant. Aerosol delivery gives smooth finish and long lasting coating. 400ml TDS
Techno Carb Fully synthetic, high temperature chain oil, providing corrosion protection and lubrication with minimal quantities of oil. Non-carbonising formula reduces carbon build up and varnish.*   TDS
Techno Carb Super 2 Fully synthetic, high temperature chain oil offering lower evaporation rates and greater adhesion to metal than Techno Carb, making this the ideal solution for the most demanding applications.*   TDS

* Techno Carb & Techno Carb Super 2 are also available with solid lubricants
  (MoS2,Graphite, S.E.P.S high load package) to increase load ability and dry
   lubrication properties.

- Techno Carb M (Contains MoS2)
- Techno Carb G  (Contains Graphite)
- Techno Carb Super 2 G (Contains MoS2,Graphite & S.E.P.S)*





CLEANS: WD-40 gets under dirt, marks and grease making it easy to wipe away. It also dissolves adhesives, allowing easy removal of labels, tape and stickers

PROTECTS: WD-40 protects metal surfaces with corrosion-resistant ingredients to shield against moisture and other corrosive elements

LUBRICATES: WD-40's lubricating ingredients are widely dispersed and hold firmly to all moving parts

PENETRATES: WD-40 loosens rust-to-metal bonds and frees stuck, frozen or rusted metal parts

DISPLACES MOISTURE: Because WD-40 displaces moisture, it quickly dries out electrical systems to eliminate moisture-induced short circuits. Turn the power off before you spray

Available in the following sizes:

  • 200ml, 450ml & 600ml aerosol cans,

    plus the new 420ml Smart Straw aerosol can.

  • 5 Litre with spray applicator
  • 25 Litre
  • 200 Litre

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